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Terms of Tool Repair Service

Thank you for selecting Alliance Calibration to service or repair the tool(s) you (“Customer”) are submitting. Alliance Calibration repair department will be inspecting, and, as you requested, completing the appropriate estimates, repairs and services to the tools submitted in a manner that is consistent with industry standards. Please understand, not every Tool may be repairable, but it is our intention to provide you with the services you've requested.

In connection with the services we will be providing, the following terms will apply:
Upon the successful repair of a Tool, it will be returned to the Customer in good working order.

The following Limited Warranty will apply to the Tools repaired:
The repairs and parts for all Tools repaired by Alliance Calibration are warranted for 30 days from the date of repair, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing. Alliance Calibration will repair, during the period stated above, without charge, any defects due to faulty material or workmanship concerning the repairs performed. This warranty does not apply to accessories, damage caused by repairs made or attempted by others, or misuse.

Provided a Tool is not repaired or cannot be repaired within the value range selected by the Customer, the Tool will be returned to the Customer (unless Customer specifically requests the Tool be discarded) and the Customer will be responsible for an Inspection Fee charged by Alliance Calibration. The Tool will not be reassembled.

Upon return of the repaired Tool, the Customer agrees and understands the following:
This Tool has not been repaired by Alliance Calibration and it is returned to the Customer. This Tool may contain defects or faults and is not in good working order. It is recommended that this Tool be serviced or repaired prior to using it for the purpose it was intended.

Upon receipt of this Tool, the Customer assumes all risk of loss, liability or injury arising out of use of the Tool by the Customer, or employees.

If Customer fails to pick up your Tool within six (6) months from the date, the Tool will be deemed abandoned and Alliance Calibration will dispose of the Tool at its discretion.
If you have any questions concerning the terms of service noted above, please contact Alliance Calibration

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