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Metrology is The Science Of Measurement



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Metrology includes  all theoretical and practical aspects of measurement, including the following  key elements:

  • Establishment  of measurement standards and procedures for their use. Establishment of  national and international agreements for these standards.
  • Design of  measurement equipment and processes to allow comparison of unknown items with  established standards. Evaluation of existing equipment and processes for the  purpose.  Design of equipment and  procedures for the regular calibration, monitoring, and maintenance of these  procedures.
  • Design of the  measurement processes and systems to support commerce and trade, and the  deployment of those efforts to regulatory and service agencies, to businesses,  and to the public in general.
  • Design of the  measurement processes and systems to support inspection and test efforts in  manufacturing, distribution, and trade.
  • Education of  practitioners and of the general public in the principles of and need for  metrology.

Alliance Calibration demonstrates its commitment to measurement science by actively participating in the following organizations:

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