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IR Gun Calibration



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Temperature Calibration

-190ºC to 400ºC

Infrared Thermometer Calibration⎟IR Gun

Infrared_Thermometer calibration alliance calibration.jpg

Liquid In Glass Thermometer Calibration

Thermometer liquid in glass thermometer calibration alliance calibration.jpg

Resistance Thermometer Calibration

thermomter_resistance thermometer calibration alliance calibration.jpeg


Measurement Uncertainty

Resistance Thermometers- 0.092ºC

Liquid in Glass- 0.12ºC


Standards followed:

OIML R-133 Liquid in Glass Thermometry


ASTM E1-14

ASTM E644-11, E879-12


Frequently Asked Questions

Gage ID Number

Description and Size of Gage

Calibration Cycle

Check Points (if not specified, we adhere to our quality policy)

Gage ID is the unique identifier you use to identify the specific piece of equipment.

Calibration Cycle is the interval between calibrations.

 We use this information to provide a sticker for the calibrated instrument to show when it was calibrated and when you want it calibrated again.






Please include power cords, leads, and any accessories necessary for us to perform the calibration.



All ISO 17025 accredited calibrations are traceable through NIST or another NMI(National Metrology Institute) to the SI Unit. 

Calibration certificates include as-found data, as-left data, and measurement uncertainty.

Alliance Calibration

11402 Reading Road

Cincinnati, OH 45241

We do offer onsite calibration service within a 150-mile radius. Not all calibrations are best suited for onsite calibration.

Please contact Customer Service with your specific question.

The minimum order is $100.


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