Calibration and a flat tire




You never have a flat tire at a convenient time :(

I filled out the form online, scheduled the appointment online and arrived at  the scheduled appointment to have a flat tire fixed.

No problem. Should only take 20 minutes. Right?

Let the frustrations begin!

  • Arrived for the scheduled appointment only to be asked everything again and a PAPER form was used to hand write all the information I provided online. 
  • Signed the paper form.
  • All the information on the paper form was then entered into a computer and printed and then I signed a printed form.
  • Let the repairs begin.

Sidebar: I was a bit surprised at the lack of a LEAN check-in process.

Yes my mind thinks like that. OK, I'm over it now- should be out in 20 minutes. Relax.


Flat tire removed from trunk.iso17025 accredited calibration_alliance calibration



Spare removed from car.iso17025 accredited calibration_alliance calibration

Flat tire fixed.iso17025 accredited calibration_alliance calibration

Repaired tire placed on the car.iso17025 accredited calibration_alliance calibration

Drive away.iso17025 accredited calibration_alliance calibration



I wish.  The Tire Pressure Sensor was damaged so it was replaced. No Problem. A common occurrence with a flat.

The tire was pressured up with a machine that had a pressure gage on it.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring Sytem- TPMS-Warning light would not go out.iso17025 accredited calibration_alliance calibration


I asked when the last time the Pressure Gage was calibrated. We don't calibrate it I was told.

Maybe you should check the tire pressure with a different gage I advised.

         iso17025 accredited calibration_alliance calibration  They used a pressure gage that was attached to their air line.  It measured 37 psi when the pressure gage on the machine they used said 33 psi.  

That is a problem.  

The recommended tire pressure by the manufacturer is 33 psi. Tire pressure was adjusted to 33 psi using this pressure gage.

The TPMS warning light did not go out.

When was the last time you had this calibrated I asked. We don't.

Maybe you should check all the tires. They did.

The TPMS warning light did not go out.

What is the sensitivity of the TPMS sensors I asked. They are usually around 2 psi I was told.

What is the resolution on that hose pressure gage I asked. We looked at the marks on the gage- 2 psi increments.

The resolution of the air hose pressure gage was the same as the sensitivity of the sensor- Am I ever going to get out of here.

I'm 2 hours in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Frustration level is high.


Do you have a "better" pressure gage I asked?

They brought out a device that looked like thisiso17025 accredited calibration_alliance calibration.  Being a glutton for punishment...... I asked when was the last time you had this calibrated?  You guessed it, Never.

All tires sensors were checked with this device and tire pressure adjusted to  33 psi.

TPMS light still on-iso17025 accredited calibration_alliance calibration.


I can't take it anymore. I'm now 3 hours in on a job that should have been 20 minutes.

Let me pay the bill and get out of here.


I speak with the manager.

He is apologetic.

I ask why they do not have a regular calibration program.

Calibration is too expensive I am told.

Really? You just spent 3 hours on a 20-minute job I explain.

Had your gages been calibrated you would have completed a 20-minute job in 20 minutes, NOT 3 hours.

You just lost money.


Yes, I did check the pressure with a calibrated gage and adjusted all tires to 33 psi and the TPMS light went out.


Things that make you go Hmmmmm........


What are the real costs of time and rework using equipment that is not calibrated?

How much would your throughput increase  if every job was completed on time and in the time alloted?

Can you afford not to have a regular calibration program?


Phil Wiseman

Phil Wiseman

Phil Wiseman is Chief Marketing Officer at Alliance Calibration. He earned a B.S. in Chemical Physics from Centre College. Phil is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence.

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