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3 Reasons You Get Mad At Your Calibration Company And How To Fix Them.

Posted by Phil Wiseman on Jun 12, 2019 7:00:00 AM



Why didn't they do what I expected them to do? Are they trying to make me mad on purpose? Having sat on this side of the desk for almost 10 years I have been able to listen and learn from the frustrations expressed by customers of calibration services.

3 Reasons You Get Mad At Your Calibration Company And How To Fix Them.

Calibration Interval

It is common practice to have a Due Date on a calibration label and/or certificate.

I have been on that phone call when a customer has been upset because we asked how often they wanted the measurement and test equipment calibrated meaning Due Date for next calibration.

I have been told -Isn't that your job?

We are really not trying to aggravate you.

ISO-17025-accredited-ANAB-alliance-calibration.pngISO 17025:2005 section states " A calibration certificate(or calibration label) shall not contain any recommendation on the the calibration interval except where this has been agreed with the customer."

If a calibration company makes a recommendation on calibration interval they are not in compliance with ISO 17025.





Calibration Checkpoints

Why did you only check X points across Y range? My last company checked B points across C range!

3 reasons you get mad at your calibration company and how to fix them alliance calibration.jpeg

There are literally thousands of standards in addition to industry advisory groups that specify calibration guidelines. Honestly, there is not one book that gives all checkpoints for all time. 

ISO 17025:2005 section 5.4.2 states "When the customer does not specify the method to be used, the laboratory shall select appropriate methods that have been published either in international, regional or national standards, or by reputable technical organizations, or in relevant scientific texts or journals, or as specified by the manufacturer of the equipment."

That is a really BIG sea to fish in.


Changing Calibration Certificates/Reports

 I don't know what the big deal is! All I want is for you to change the due date on my gages.

This is a very common request for calibration companies. Seems like a very minor request. However, it poses a real problem. Who is going to pay for the labor costs? I have had customers become very upset when they were informed this could not been done at no charge. As with any quality system, document changes must go through a process. The original record must be maintained and the amended record uniquely identified. This is NOT a small task.

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The Fix

Calibration Interval

Understand it is your responsibility as the end user of measurement and test equipment to specify calibration intervals.


Calibration Checkpoints

Understand your industry requirements and communicate this to your calibration company and state it on the purchase order.


Changing Calibration Certificates/Reports

You understand the work involved in making a document change request in your quality system. It is no different for a calibration company.


It is not our intent to point the finger back at the customer. We really are not trying to make you mad and we completely understand that you probably don't know all the requiremtnts we must meet to maintain our accreditation to ISO 17025.

We really do want to talk to you. We really do want to help.