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Our Customers Tell The Tale,  Every Time They Return.

what our customers say about us alliance calibration.jpeg

Thank you Debbie for such excellent service.
Process Control and Instrumentation industry
I am impressed with the service your company offers. I will definitely recommend you when I attend my annual conference in September.
Air balancing and HVAC industries
thanks for getting them in so fast. You guys are great.
Process Control and Instrumentation industry
Thank you so much Allie! Talk about miscommunication between my service manager and myself. I feel like I have egg all over my face, but at least you’ve solved the problem for me.
Process Control and Instrumentation industries
Thank you for taking this matter seriously; as this shows Alliance Calibration to possess exceptional commitment to quality.
Process Control & Instrumentation industry

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They say that word of mouth advertising is the best  advertising you can get.  We agree, so  here it is.

Okay, you caught us.  This guy isn’t a customer.  In fact, we’re pretty sure he needs medical help.  However, our customers are pretty happy.  They said this:

I would like to take this time to thank you and the rest of your team for all of their hard work. I understand that sometimes this process can be frustrating, but asking the hard questions ensures that we provide the highest quality product possible. Once again Thank you to everyone.
Aerospace Industry

have the Calibration Reports in hand for the flow meters listed below. Kevin did a great job in helping use calibrate them.  Thank you for you follow  up.
Aerospace Industry

On behalf of the (customer name). I want THANK YOU for your time and trouble to provide a presentation for our group on November 22, 2013. We enjoyed your hard work and the hands on portion was very popular.
Governent and Defense industry

I really appreciate all of your help with the last few calibrations that we scheduled.  I know that they have all been rushed or out of the norm and I just wanted to thank you for accommodating us.  Our co-op, Andrew, is on his way to pick up the items now.  Thanks again for all of your help.  It is very much appreciated.
Medical Devices industry

I wanted to say “Thanks” to all there at your facility whom worked quickly to resolve an emergency order to calibrate 2 pressure gauges.  Allie as well as your technician was quick to respond to numerous requests, and handled them with upmost respect.  Thank you and your staff again for the quick turnaround and support.
Manufacturinig industry

The thread rings that were just calibrated checked good with our Master Thread Plugs. Thank you for adapting to our new requirements.
Manufacturing industry

I find the e-tracking site very useful for managing everything.
Manufacturing industry

I just want to thank Alliance and Phil Wiseman for the excellent service. The turn around time was so fast it took me by surprise. We have unannounced inspections by the fda and accredidation people so turn around is essential. THE BEST!!!
Medical Equipment Manufacturing industries