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ISO 17025

Accredited Calibration



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Some labs are compliant to ISO-17025, but Alliance Calibration is accredited by ANAB to ISO/IEC 17025:2017.
ISO accreditation is important because accreditation ensures the job is done right.
The accrediting body is required to audit our laboratory to ensure the work is done correctly.
Some labs are compliant to ISO-17025, which means they say they meet ISO standards, but no independent 3rd party validation has occurred.
ANAB Certificate Alliance Calibration July 2020

Compliant or ISO 17025 accredited: Is there a difference?

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Our client base includes a diverse range of industries including Aeronautical, Defense, Automotive, Government, Research, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Energy & Power, and Transportation.
We can calibrate your handheld devices as well as the shop units at your location.
All ISO 17025 accredited calibrations include as found, as left data measurement uncertainty.
ANAB accredited_Alliance calibration

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