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ISO 17025 accredited

Alliance Calibration



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Electrical Calibration Alliance Calibration ISO 17025 Accredited-1

Electrical Calibration



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Dimensional Calibration Alliance Calibration ISO 17025 Accredited-4

Dimensional Calibration


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meters alliance calibration

Meter Calibration



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CDI torque calibration apparatus_Alliance Calibration

Torque Calibration



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Morehouse Calibration apparaturs_Alliance calibration

Force Calibration



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morehouse becntop calibration apparaturs_Alliance calibration

Load Cell Calibration



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with calibration?

All calibrations include as Found/as Left data, Measurement Uncertainty, Calibration Sticker, Calibration Certificate, and online access to calibration data at NO additional charge.

How do I get a quote?

Click here to receive a quote.

Are calibrations NIST traceable?

All ISO 17025 accredited calibrations are traceable through NIST or another NMI(National Metrology Institute) to the SI Unit. 

Where can I find your scope od accreditation?

Click here to view our scope.

Where do I send my instruments to be calibrated?

Alliance Calibration

11402 Reading Road

Cincinnati, OH 45241

What information do you need from me to calibrate my instruments?

Gage ID Number

Description and Size of Gage

Calibration Cycle

Check Points ( if not specified, we adhere to our quality manual).

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